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Does anyone have any tips on family portraits?

I'm going to take my first family portraits in a week. I want them to look decent. I've done photos for my own family and my kids. They came out good. Just a little nervous doing my first paid job. Any advice?

Posted by jennifer

Great and informative answer from Mr White …
Theres not a lot I can add to that really other than telling you my own basic run down…

The first and most important thing that I ALWAYS do is to check my camera settings… F-stop, ISO, image size etc…. If you get these wrong in the first place, you will either have a heap of useless images, or a hell of a lot of editing to do.
As well as this, and perhaps the most obvious thing to remember, is to make sure that your battery is fully charged before you start, and that you have a spare one on hand if you plan on taking many photos.

Discuss with the family the type of shots that they would like … My preference is to use natural light in an outdoor environment whenever possible ( avoiding direct sunlight and distracting backgrounds)..
Ask the family what type of photos they were wanting – eg, staged or natural. IMHO, candid shots often capture the true essence, fun and personality of family life, so my advice is to also take a few shots when your subjects don't even realise that their photos are being taken.
Dont be afraid to get down low and to move around in order to get different and interesting angles … And if you can remember, check your screen for any blinking.

Working with children can be a challenge at the best of times, and trying to get them to cooperate in a photo shoot can be a real test in patience 😛 Interact in a fun way, involve and chat to the kids on their level as much as possible…. Taking the odd prop or two ( like bubbles) to distract them in times of boredom can work wonders!!!

Best of luck with with your first "real" job … I hope it all goes well for you!

Black – white family portrait?

Tomorrow my family is going to have a black and white portrait taken. What kind od outfit is the best we should wear? I mean, should the tops be plain or with paterns? Any ideas please?
Thank you so much!

Posted by abc_20

For the family portrait, clothes should be not distracting. You'd want people to focus on the faces when looking at the pic. So I'd avoid wild patterns but a suble one will do. And I wouldn't wear a white or a black top (makes you pop out or vanish). And don't overdo on jackets/scarves/necklaces for that has the same effect as over-the-top patterns. Hope you have fun on this special occasion: a relaxed feel is the best outfit anyway.

Family Portraits?

I'm thinking about getting a reminder tattoos for everyone that is close to me. I'm thinking about getting a red cardinal on my wrist for my grandma, Marvin the Martian for my Mom, Dr. Zoidberg for a very close friend of mine and 3 X's for my Brother. Is this a good idea? In total i should be getting at least 8 tattoos.
Im planning on getting the cardinal on my wrist, the 3 X's on my lower back, (they don't stand for what you think… They stand for No drugs, No alcohol, No cigarettes) the martian on my inner ankle and the dr zoidberg on my left hip (covering up a scar). And a little heart on the back of my neck
Marvin the Martian is my mom favourite loonie tunes character, and i like the idea of having it as a tattoo.

They're all going to be small and discrete, nothing big and bulky.

Posted by Brittany Button Nose

Wierd but okay.
I think you should just get one for you whole family.
Think of something that represents your whole family:)
8 tattoos is too much for me, and where are you getting them on your body? If all on arm, it will look tacky.
Just my personal opinion.

Family Portraits: Taking Better Family Photos

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